Is going through all the products trying to figure out what you’re looking for worth .10 cents back? Let me go ahead and tell you, yes! Ibotta. This amazing app can help you save a lot of money overtime. The key to apps like this is consistency. Ibotta has a ton of products that you already use on their app, along with many retailers. Some of the retailers listed on Ibotta are Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, etc! To use Ibotta, download the app and use referral code “pifhtat”or click here. Once in the app, just type in the retailer you will be shopping at and search for the products you are going to buy. Say for example, you are going to purchase Kevita Master Brew Kombucha (which I highly recommend myself!) from Walmart, you simply go to the Wal-Mart section of the app, add what all you’re going to purchase and snap a picture of your receipt! Your bank will add up if you purchase the things listed on Ibotta. This app is also great for someone who travels, before I became a flight attendant, I would purchase my many hotels through Ibotta with Exepdia and get a percentage back on hotels, car rentals and flights! This app is good for physical stores and shopping online. What are you waiting for? Download it now! Start saving hundreds of dollars a year, and pair with some other apps I have mentioned in other articles. Ladies and gentleman I present to you, modern day couponing!

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