Hotel Luna Mystica Taos, NM

Hotel Luna Mystica Taos, NM

Do you guys ever see those really cool restored, vintage, RV things and think, man I want to go to one! Yeah, us too! So, that’s what we did. My boyfriend and I were visiting New Mexico for the Balloon Fiesta and decided to go up to Taos, which is about 2 hours and a half away from Albuquerque, to see Taos Pueblo. We stayed at a lovely property Hotel Luna Mystica. This looks like it came straight off of a travel Tumblr page. Everything about it was gorgeous! All of the RV’s painted nicely, and had cute names to match. Ours was Dona. A red and white painted 1960 Traveleze. We ended up with the last one, as there weren’t a lot to pick from anyway. Dona was nice, with a small wooden deck type thing to sit on and admire the stars at night time. I had never seen a sky with so many stars, and I have visited so many places in this world. Each trailer had a small fire place and chairs. The property had firewood for sale. So romantic! If you’re into that stuff. There wasn’t a whole lot to eat around and the only thing around the property within walking distance was a brewery next door. You wouldn’t really need to leave though, if you brought your own snacks the trailer came equipped with everything one might want. Just as any hotel there was a bed, a full kitchen a small bathroom, etc. There was also a bathroom building outside of the trailer should whoever you are traveling with want a little more privacy than a curtain. The property was a little scary at night time, considering there are coyotes running around, and it was very dark.

Our stay, which was in October of 2018, where it began getting chilly, was that the heater wasn’t working properly, so it was like being outside! All we had to survive on was a small space heater, which didn’t keep us very warm at night! I ended sleeping with two jackets on and pants and two pair of socks! This is something everyone should experience though and would never say not to visit the property because the heater didn’t work. This was something straight from Travel Channel. I’m sure all of the other trailers were just as nice inside, and out. Everyone around seemed to be having a fantastic time. This can easily be a romantic mountain experience, especially when it snows Taos turns into an underrated ski town. You can book this property as a hotel, or on AirBNB. Go check it out, or at least something similar!

Overall Nena’s Rating: 4/5

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