Setai Miami Beach Residences

Setai Miami Beach Residences

Miami’s pushing 6 star luxury high rise condos are just smack in the middle of SoBe. Is it worth the 7 figure price tag that comes along with the oceanview rooms? For Celebs, this is the norm. They are crawling all over the place! For regular people, eh, not so much? Except for rich Northerners or hmm, well? A lot of our neighbors, lived there full time were quite old, but who else can afford it? First of all, let’s talk about price here. I have stayed at the Setai Hotel Miami Beach and the residences as well. The residence building is a monster high rise towering over the beach at 38 stories. To just rent a room at the condos can cost your around 1,000 bucks a night and skyrocketing up to $20,000 a night plus! What makes this property so expensive, yet always sold out? I am going to start off by saying, obviously I don’t own a unit here. A friend of mine does and I will be reviewing their unit(s) on this review! (YES! They have more than one!) The building is located just off of 20th street, heading toward all of the other lux properties Miami has to offer such as 1 and The W.

Let me begin by saying the property is just lovely. The staff on the other hand, less than so. With the cheaper units still being around $1,500,000 with around a $2,500 a month maintenance fee, you would expect better service, right, nope! Think again, the staff was extremely unpleasant, especially the concierge and staff at the desk. Since I was a visitor at the property, they would have to let me go upstairs, they almost seemed annoyed whenever they actually had to do their job! I noticed this attitude only toward me and NOT the older guests visiting. Did not know that young peoples money was any less than everyone else’s, but hey! The staff can be easily replaced though, let’s talk more about the actual property itself. Ours, located on the 17th story, had beautiful full length windows and a monster balcony! Not to mention the 1 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom unit I was staying in was huge! The bathroom was absolutely to die for! Rainfall shower and a huge tub, of course his and her sinks. The Setai’s Asian decor is simple, but elegant. The bed, extremely comfortable for a restful night, after a long day of hanging out at the beach. The Setai has it’s own beach area in the back with chairs and umbrellas to use. Not the regular chairs, fancy, top notch 5 star beach service! Not a big beach go-er? What are you doing in Miami then! LOL. The property has 3 different pools at 3 different temperatures, to match your liking exactly.

If you would like to take on shopping instead of water activities everything was within walking distance such as Lincoln Road & Ocean Drive. The more high end shops that we wanted to visit, was just a quick Lyft down the street! The Setai Hotel does offer a restaurant, Jaya, which is quite pricey, Asian themed as well, but nonetheless very tasty! I would suggest checking the condos out, just don’t get your hopes up on 5 star customer service, maybe it has changed from my time there!

Overall Nena’s Rating: 4/5

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