Mall of America

Mall of America

Everyone seems to think that The Mall of America is the largest mall we have here in the states, this is not completely accurate. While of course in it’s day it was, it is not currently. It is still a place that I recommend you visit at least once! I have been here a couple times, once prior to being a stew and while I was laying over. I have photos and videos of each time. The mall is very impressive.

While many people don’t have the desire to visit Minnesota, hopefully this will change your mind. You can make a day out of going to The Mall of America and still feel like you haven’t explored enough! The Mall of America is an impressive shopping center, plentiful parking as well! It has everything one could think of. From Nickelodeon Universe (as pictured above) to The Crayola Experience and even the well known department stores we all love such as Macys, this shopping center definitely has something for us all! I will begin by saying everyone needs to visit the theme park inside, Nickelodeon Universe. Amazing. I am an amusement park enthusiast and was impressed with the variety of rides and the price. Extremely reasonable. Friendly for all ages. Kids can visit Nickelodeon characters such as Spongebob and Dora. Once finished riding the rides, go visit Fly Over America, a hang gliding experience to see our great countries top views! If you purchase online you save $2.00. Now that you got that out of the way you have two options, because everyone should start off with the theme park. While I, myself, did not visit the Sea Life Aquarium, it has fantastic reviews, and think it would be worth a shot, should you be interested in that kind of stuff! Here is where the important stuff comes in – the SHOPPING! The mall has more vacancies then I would have hoped, but nonetheless. Every store you can think of! One good thing about MOA is that the stores are medium priced, there are not a lot of high end luxury stores, only Burberry, and Nordstrom. This makes shopping here extremely affordable, the bonus here is that there is no tax on clothing items in Minnesota! There were a lot of interactive things, mini golf, escape rooms, mirror mazes. You could be entertained for days if you came with a lot of cash to spend.

My fave store in the mall was Claires, which I got some lovely earrings from, or if you click here you get free shipping on your Claires order online! After you’re worn out from shopping, or just running around the mall there are a ton of restaurants to fit everyones taste. My favorite restaurant was Naf Naf Grill, a Middle Eastern restaurant. Everyone should give my regions food a try, but if you’re not interested visit one of the many food courts and restaurants in the mall.

Overall Nena’s Rating: 5/5

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