Vail, Colorado

Vail, Colorado

A view from the iconic Covered Bridge in Vail,Colorado.

Ever since I’ve been living in Colorado the last few months I haven’t been a fan of the weather. Snow and cold weather just is NOT for me! Being from the south and spending all of my free time in South Florida didn’t help me adjusting to Colorado. My boyfriend came to Colorado and we took a trip to Vail. I have always wanted to go to Aspen because they visited Aspen on my favorite movie of all time 50 Shades. My boyfriend wanted Vail, so I decided second best. We wake up early on Monday March 11th and begin our journey. I rented us a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited because we had to have a nice four wheel drive since we got hit with tons of snow! We take a quick stop in Georgetown, Colorado to see what it’s all about. Apparently a former historic mining town we just take a quick walk around.

Continuing on we reach Vail. After parking up we proceed to Vail Mountain’s indoor ski lift. We are on our way to Vails #1 Restaurant so they say. The 10th Vail. In my opinion the restaurant was over priced, the service subpar and overall just not worth the hassle. We take a quick lap around Vail mountain then proceed back down the ski lift to walk around downtown Vail and Lionshead Village. The Villages had most of the same type touristy stores. Tee shirts that said Vail, shot glasses, and some retail stores we all love like Patagonia and Arcteryx. We visited the Four Seasons Vail infamous bar The Remedy for a drink and a lovely view of some 40 million dollar homes and the pool.

Of course we all always in a rush, so we hurry up on over to our next restaurant spot. Swiss Chalet is another one of the top rated restaurants in Vail. A fondue restaurant with exceptional service and an exceptional price tag. Such place even requires you pay a deposit for your reservation. We order the fondue of course and I enjoy the Beef Medallions with the cheese fondue we order. The food was okay, but our server made the experience, he was very attentive despite being busy. After the meal we proceed to our hotel, which is a couple miles outside of Vail. Mein Haus is a bed and breakfast near Beaver Creek, which is just the next village over. Mein Haus is a completely different experience to any B&B you might have stayed at before. The next day, we take a snowmobile tour. Snowmobiling is jet skiing on snow. It was a good time and I suggest everyone try it once, as far as doing it again, I wouldn’t do such a thing. My Vail trip was just a quick two day look around see what its like experience. Given the opportunity you should try it out!

Overall Nena’s Rating: 4/5

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