How to eat for FREE at over 1,000 different airports!

How to eat for FREE at over 1,000 different airports!

What is Priority Pass? I briefly spoke about how to get Priority Pass Select in my American Express Platinum Blog. Priority Pass is good for the person who travels often, before I started this job I still utilized Priority Pass. I visited Miami every week I went to the Centurion Lounge at MIA. Though Centurion isn’t included in Priority Pass. There are over 1,000 + other lounges to visit worldwide! Many lounges Priority Pass offers are in fact restaurants. Being based in Denver, we only have one place that accepts Priority Pass and it is Timberline Steaks and Grille. At most restaurants you have 28.00 to spend on whatever you would like then pay the difference. You can bring up to two guests as well. A couple airports I’ve visited have some very neat lounges. Atlanta Airport has Minute Suites, where you receive an hour or access in a small suite. It’s great to get away from the noise of the worlds busiest airport. Now with 2 locations in different terminals! Minneapolis St. Paul Airport has a PGA themed restaurant and lounge! Priority Pass has something for everyone. Many of the lounges offer a quick bite, and alcohol! If you check it out here, you don’t even have to be an Amex member to get a discount! I am a huge advocate for this because Priority Pass pays itself off very quickly.

At the Club at ATL!

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