New Mexico, USA

New Mexico, USA

My boyfriend and I have always been pretty fascinated with the Southwestern region of America. I myself, like Hot Air Balloons so we decided to go to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in 2018. We did a complete adventure of New Mexico. We land in New Mexico and proceed to our hotel. We wake up the next day and it is absolutely beautiful. We take a walk around in Old Town Albuquerque.

At the Hotel In Albuquerque.

After that time we went over to our pickup spot to head over to Balloon Fiesta Park. We drive over and by that time it is windy. We booked to be seated in the Chasers Club which has free food and is supposed to be one of the best view of the balloons. It is increasingly windy and the flag goes from yellow to red. We were extremely disappointed because it was such a lovely warm morning, but when it was time for the Balloon Glow the owners of the balloons didn’t put them up. The wind can cause structural damage to the balloons. Surprisingly hot air balloons are very very expensive. Hot air ballons run from $22,000 to over $45,000! Not to mention pilots fees and other equipment that you need. We still stayed a while to eat and check out Balloon Fiesta Park. We left disappointed though, this was the first day of the festival and it turned out like this.

Local beer at the Festival! Light up necklace is for sale on my Poshmark!

Nonetheless, we return to the Park early in the morning to see the mass ascension we are again disappointed because it is too windy for the balloons to take off. The vacation we were looking forward to for so long turned out to be a dub. At least the balloons were put up, and it was a sight to see.

We are done with this and decide to go off to Acoma Pueblo. To our surprise, BOOM Acoma Pueblo was closed that day. Of course it was, our vacation was going all wrong, what else could happen! We did get to drive on the historic Route 66. I always wanted to do that, so one thing went well!

Fast forward it is about 1 o’clock now. We run off to the Route 66 Casino! If you guys can’t tell yet I love all different kinds of casinos. We spend a little while playing Blackjack there and continue on to the original Route 66 Diner! Good Old American food. We had to change our plans because we were going to sleep in a Teepee Airbnb, but since we didn’t get to see the balloons take off we switched our plans. We ended up staying in a very odd Airbnb that night. On the way to Tinkertown (a museum for tiny dolls) we drove on Americas Musical Highway. It is rumble strips that when you drive over them it plays “America the Beautiful”. We went over to the Sandia Mountain and Sandia Casino after that.

We go back to our place, we have a very early morning the next day. Another mission on trying to see the balloons! Who knew it was this hard to see the balloons? Not us! We didn’t go to Balloon Fiesta Park but we did see the balloons in the sky and it was honestly amazing! If you’re into this kind of stuff you should definitely make the journey out to Albuquerque once in your lifetime.

A shot of some of the balloons in the sky!

Were off to Santa Fe now! Santa Fe is not too far from Albuquerque. We changed cars to a Mustang Convertible. We are feeling all American now! We just eat in Santa Fe. We had it up to our eyeballs with New Mexican food by then, we were there for about 4 days. New Mexican food was all we ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner! We continue our journey on to Taos. A Pueblo and ski town in Northern New Mexico, very close to the Southern part of Colorado. We get to Taos and check in at our hotel. I actually wrote an article about our hotel at Hotel Luna Mystica. Check it out. Such an amazing property, nothing but good things to say about it except the fact it was freezing in there! The heater didn’t work. We were already on a roll of bad luck what else could have gone wrong, eh? We leave the hotel and check out downtown Taos which is so cute! We visited the Taos Mountain Casino, which is non smoking which we love! I try my luck for 5 minutes and lose $100 dollars. We go to the local brewery near our hotel for a second then return back to our trailer to sleep. We FREEZE all night and wake up to go to the Pueblo. The Pueblo is closed because of a funeral, so we can not be too upset for that reason. Go to the casino, and to some local stores and then go back to the Pueblo. I have photos, but can not post them due to the locals request for the guests not to post online. It was very different and a learning experience for us. The locals have some amazing bread. We hang out around Taos for a while and then back to Albuquerque. We end up with an Airbnb which is nice and we have lovely host. We go out and eat New Mexican food AGAIN LOL. After that we visit The Downs Casino. Which is amazing, it has live horse racing. We didn’t see this but it got us excited for the up and coming Kentucky Derby for us! We are there for a while and go back to the Airbnb and sleep.

Another early morning, our last day in New Mexico and our last chance at seeing the balloons take off from Balloon Fiesta Park. To our surprise and luck they do! We get to see the mass ascension! We don’t get to hang around too long because we had to return the car, grab our stuff and head off to the airport. Albuquerque also has one of the cutest airports I’ve ever seen and I’ve been to quite a few! We’ll just say that this was not how we had it planned but the Balloon Fiesta is worth the trip!

Overall Nena’s Rating: 5/5

*All opinons are my own*

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