Walking is a part of our daily lives, why not turn walking to your car, work or anywhere into some extra cash? Sweatcoin is an app that pays you to walk outside! It’s good for people who spend a lot of time walking outside i.e New Yorkers, construction workers, but anyone can use it. I get the most out of Sweatcoin since I just relocated to Orlando, from Denver and don’t have a car. My car is in Atlanta, so I’m walking everywhere!

To use Sweatcoin all you do is this. First, download the app! (Be sure to use my code “NENAKAYLYN”! )Make an account, and get to walking! Sweatcoin has different types of “memberships”, where you pay in SC and have the potential to earn more daily! The membership levels are as follows : Breaker, which is the one I have, cost 30 SC per month with the ability to earn up to 20 a day and 600 a month! Great for people who walk outside a lot. Quaker is the ability to earn 15 SC per day and 450 per month. This one cost 15 per month. Shaker cost 10 per day and you have the ability to earn up to 300 per month. Lastly, Mover is free, costing nothing per month. You have the ability to earn 5 SC per day with a monthly cap of 150. I have had the app for a little over a year and have converted over 1,000,000 steps! The only con about Sweatcoin is that it is just steps OUTSIDE. It’s not bad for me, because I’m always outside. Someone who works in an office who doesn’t get outside much won’t benefit as much from the app. Walking to and from the car can add up though! Once you’ve racked up enough SC on referred enough people what do you do with all those coins?

Sweatcoin actually has really good merchandise you can get! iPhone XS, $1,000 cash and discounts on things. Of course the bigger prizes seem IMPOSSIBLE to get with a SC tag of 20,000. I’ve converted over a million steps and have created 1,200 + SC. It’s not impossible for the amazing prizes, but you snag some cool stuff from the lower side too! Here is one thing I forgot to tell you all! DO NOT CLOSE THIS APP. This app runs in the background of your phone. I leave it open all of the time. If you close the app your steps won’t count! The app doesn’t take up a lot of battery on your phone. There is an option to put it on battery saver mode. When the app is on battery saver it might miss out on some steps! The cool thing about SC is that you can actually see how many steps your friends walked and even send them Sweatcoins! You can’t message anyone on here, but it’s cool to see what your friends are doing and how active they are. I think this app can be really motivating if you use it right! Check it out and let me know how it goes for you all!

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