Most people think the flight attendant is glamourous. Sure, it has it’s many perks. World travel for free on pretty much any airline, a ton of networking and getting paid to layover in some of the finest destinations. Does anyone tell you how we live outside of the plane? I am a reserve flight attendant which I spoke about in my post What to expect being a reserve flight attendant . I don’t have a line, or regular schedule which means I can’t wander off too far from base because crew scheduling might call me for a trip on my reserve day. Since this is the case, I, and many other FA’s live in Crashpads. Crashpads are dorm – style temporary housing. Many Crashpads are in basements, entire homes or condos and even hotels! Crashpads are you, and many other airline employees. My crashpad in Denver was in the basement of a house. There was a female room and a co-ed room. The co-ed room only consisted of males, though. I have currently relocated to a Crashpad in Orlando, Florida. My new base is MCO. My DEN Crashpad was not too bad, to say the least. I had AMAZING roommates. We were from all different airlines and got along extremely well. We were like a family.

Downstairs in the townhome Crashpad.

My MCO Crashpad was not the same. We were not like a family here. The beds were not very comfortable, either. I was only in this Crashpad for about a month until I switched over to a better one, where it is just two beds in a room instead of bunk beds. Mind you, I have never slept on a bunk bed until this so I was definitely shook when I realized this is how people with my dream job lived.

If you have never lived like this, boy, you are in for a HUGE surprise. You might live with people who are messy, people who are your best friends, people you can’t stand, and a wide variety of people! The living situation is exactly like the job, you never know what you’re going to get! Once you get a line, your situation becomes way better! That all depends on your airline, though!

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2 thoughts on “CRASHPAD LIFE.

  1. Ok I have a question/questions, that are not really polite to ask but I am just very curious from hearing rumors. ( please be honest this will never go past you and I. )

    1. Are most FA’s really members of the mile high club?

    2. Do FA’s have boyfriends or ” a friend ” in many different destinations ?


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