Make more money driving for Lyft and Uber!

Make more money driving for Lyft and Uber!

There is a lot of controversy with driving for Uber and Lyft. First of all, is it SAFE? Is it worth the wear and tear on your car? Driving part time can earn you some serious cash. Don’t let that get to you though! At the end of the year when taxes are due you will have to pay up! Don’t let that discourage you, it is totally WORTH IT! I’m sure by now you have used either service. Both can be at discounted rates in comparison to taxis, busses, or Zipcar.

Let’s begin by you creating your account first, and then we will get into how you can maximize your earnings. With Lyft create an account and use my referral code, NENA94781. With Uber use my code Nenaz4ue. With both apps, the process will be similar. Create your account, post photos of your insurance, and drivers license and wait to be approved. Once approved begin driving.

Lets compare the benefits for both. Both Lyft and Uber let you work on your own time. That is one good thing about these platforms. I am a reserve flight attendant, so once I get a call from scheduling, I just turn the app off and finish my ride and go on my way.

I am going to talk for Lyft a little bit right now, I find that Lyft has better quality, higher tipping riders, so I usually tend to stick with Lyft. Lyft’s app is easier to understand. It shows how many drivers are ahead of you and has the weekly goals accessible. You actually know how far you are from achieving that goal.

Uber has a very similar app, I just find that Uber passengers tip less, and give the drivers a hard time. That is just in my experience.

Let’s get to the point of what you all want to hear now. How to maximize your earnings. I have a handy app called Cargo. Cargo is a mini convince store in your car. It is a small plastic container that you sit on your compartment. Cargo pays the driver for every single item that the driver gives out. The items are free too. So Cargo pays the driver for handing out free goodies to passengers for WHAT? It’s obviously all a marketing thing, but who cares? You’re getting paid! Click here to check out and make an account. Or use my code NENA2.

Another thing you can do to make extra cash while doing ridesharing is advertising on your car. There are so many apps and websites that will pay you big bucks to place a sticker on your car. How much you earn will vary by where you live, how much you driver and other factors.

If you want to hand out snacks and goodies (that is not the app Cargo) you might see an increased amount of tips. OR you might see one passenger who takes all of your snacks and tips you nothing, which has happened to me about 20 too many times! Overall making sure that your passenger is comfortable is a big plus. I’ve seen quite a few drivers with this on the back if their headrests and from what I hear it makes a difference. Some people honestly do not know that the tips are not included. (People do know that you are spending money out of your own pocket for those mini waters though!) If your passenger requests a music change, letting them borrow the charger, or the air conditioner turned up/down, these minor changes can make a huge difference in their experience with you as a driver!

These are all things that can help supplement your ride sharing, side hustle! The thing I learned is do just be NICE! It is hard to find genuinely nice people now and people will tip you accordingly! These extra sources of income outside of what you will earn from the company will help you pay for gas, possible mechanical issues, and many others!

*All opinons are my own*

*This post is NOT sponsored*

*Disclosure: Some of these links may be affiliate links, at no additional cost to you, I may make a small commission*

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