Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival.

Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival.

Spaceship Earth (EPCOTS globe is the icon for the park) and butterfly flowers for the festival.

Epcot has got to be one of the most unique amusement parks there is. EPCOT is part of the Walt Disney four parks in Orlando, Florida. EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. EPCOT was originally designed as a city by Walt Disney, after his death that concept was deserted and eventually the theme park was created. Epcot has eleven countries around the world to check out. Epcot is for adults more so than children, I would say, though they do have “kid cot” which is child friendly stations around the park. Here is a glimpse into our experience of the Flower and Garden Festival of 2019.

We enter the park, to see a beautiful display of butterfly flowers and Mission Space in the background. It had been a while since I’ve visited Epcot, and I had never been to this festival. Upon entry myself, my coworkers Kari & Katie are already impressed. We go to Spaceship Earth, a slow ride inside the globe which takes us on a short journey about our technology progresses overtime and how many came to be this far. I love this ride, it is full of history and very fun. The line went by rapidly though the sign said that it would take 25 minutes it only took about 15 to 20. If you ever visit Epcot this is a must see!

A quick walk through the Butterfly Garden and we hop on the ride Journey into Imagination with Figment. This short ride is quite cute, a recommended ride for families, I must say. Now we begin to enter what we came for the 11 countries!

Our first country is Canada! We breeze through Canada, as we weren’t super interested in visiting this country. We actually fly here with our airline, so we can actually visit the country of Canada whenever we want. The highlight of The Canada pavilion is O Canada!

Next up, The UK! We stop and look at the tea pots and some of the stores in the UK pavilion. We have all already been to this country, so we do not spend a whole lot of time here either!

Beauty and The Beast display.

France is next. France is one of the cutest pavilions in the park, a ton of shopping and restaurant options and a great patisserie – a French bakery. Katie picked up some delicious macaroons. We take another quick look and proceed to our next country, my favorite!

In Morocco!

Morocco is one of my favorite countries inside Epcot, it is so realistic and beautiful. The Moorish architecture is so authentic and amazing. The food, is so realistic, and every country in Epcot only hires people from that country. So, you know that you’re getting the full experience!

Japan is the next country, we don’t spend a whole lot of time here, we walk around and continue on to The American Adventure pavilion, where we just have a walk through, and I grab a Diet Coke and continue on. Italy is next en route and is soooo realistic looking! As are all of them, The Italian pavilion reminds me very much of Rome or Florence.

Germany is our next stop, where my friend Kari, grabs a quick bite to eat. The German pavilion looks like a small German town with the old buildings. She eats a Frankfuter, for those of you who don’t know. It is a piece of sausage served on piece of bread with sauerkraut on top. The side for this is paprika chips. They are pretty generous on the food here as well! Be prepared if you do purchase food, snacks, clothing or anything here, because as with any amusement park it is VERY expensive!

A pond in the China pavilion.

On to our next country, China! China has got to be what seems like one of the largest pavilions in the Epcot World Showcase. China had many stores and a ton of flowers in the collection. I am not sure if this is year round, or just for The Flower and Garden Festival! I enjoyed my favorite beverage, Bubble Tea. I had a Panda Bubble Tea. I enjoyed it a lot, though I prefer no sugar and that was not an option.

A frozen floral display in the Norway pavilion.

The next country as we are winding down on our countries is Norway. We get in line for the Frozen ride. I’ve never seen the movie but I know it is very popular. The estimated line time, 50 minutes! We waited for what seemed to be forever since a group of annoying girls were behind us. The ride was cute, short though, definitely no worth the wait, though! After we eat a piece of Schoolbread. Schoolbread is a roll with filling inside, icing and coconut pieces on top. One of the most popular pastries at EPCOT, if you eat a piece, you will soon know why!

Another one of our favorites is Mexico! The last and final country on our day journey around the world. Katie has been dying for an avocado margarita all day, so we find one for her. To our surprise you get a lot of bang for your buck. The drink was big, and quite tasty as well! We hung out around Mexico for a while, while she finished up her drink. We were going to do the boat ride in Mexico but nine o’clock was quickly approaching and we hadn’t done the best ride yet!

Test Track is my all time favorite ride in the Disney Parks, except for Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom and the always amazing, Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom. Test Track is the only really fast paced right at EPCOT. You design your own car and then everyone in your car sees who’s car is the most efficient, fast, and other types of things. The ride is like what cars go through when being tested. You are essentially like a crash dummy for the vehicle. This ride is so much fun! We did miss the nightly fireworks while waiting in line for the ride which was a disappointment. Disney puts on an amazing fireworks display every single night!

Disney amusement parks never disappoint. This was a great day with my friends. We tried things from all around the world. If you can’t afford to travel around the world, this is really a great experience and an alternative. What is your favorite country to visit?

Spaceship Earth and the flag of the best country of them all, USA!

*All opinons are my own*

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