Tipi or Teepee?

Tipi or Teepee?

Sandy Valley Ranch Tipi

On my birthday trip, my boyfriend and I enjoy doing adventurous things. We like to do out of the ordinary things. On our journey over from Los Angeles, California to Las Vegas, Nevada we stop off at Sandy Valley Ranch to stay in a Tipi, or is it Teepee? My boyfriend, Scott, is a fan of “glamping” not real camping. We locate the ranch which is at the end of a very long road with nothing on. There was a wagon, tiny house and the one and only tipi. Our host, Rob, greets us with spurs, a cowboy hat, and a gun in holster on his side. A corporate event was going on and said that he does not always dress like that! So he says!

A full bed, with electricity inside the tipi.

Upon entering the tipi, it was just gorgeous inside. A full bed, a fan, electric lanterns and a small heater. The Tipi was up on a deck so we were not laying on the ground. It was very romantic. The deck outside had a fire pit. We roasted our own marshmallows under the most stars we’ve ever seen. The starlight night was odd considering we were only about 45 minutes away from the City of Lights, Las Vegas. Everything was built by the host Rob. He seems like he is an extreme handyman. He even made the outhouse. An actual outhouse with running water!

The bed was extremely comfortable and the temperature was just lovely. I believe this is true because we were visiting at the beginning of Summer. This is a very romantic setting. We wake up well rested, to the crow of roosters in the morning and sit outside on the deck to admire our settings. Take a nice shower outside in the beautiful desert before we carry on our journey to Vegas. I would recommend trying out new, different Airbnbs!

Overall Nena’s Rating: 5/5

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