Calico Ghost Town (Calico, CA)

Calico Ghost Town (Calico, CA)

Everyone knows of the Wild Wild West Ghost Towns with the two cowboys that say ” this town ain’t big enough for the both of us” and then have a shoot out. Well, we visited one of those old mining towns, Calico Ghost town in Calico, California. Calico is about 3 hours from Los Angeles. In it’s day Calico was was a mining town back in 1881. Calico is in San Bernardino County with huge letters on the side of the mountain, you can’t miss it! Calico is part of the desert, so you bet it was blazing hot whenever we visited in the beginning of June. In it’s day Calico was a fully operational town. The town had a jail, saloon, and a Wells Fargo! Calico had a population of around 3,000 in its day. Here is what Calico looks like now. . .

The front entrance to Calico.

Upon entering, the town is just the cutest little thing ever. We see the General Store, and everything else. The town is pretty much one Main Street. There isn’t really too much to do in the town of Calico, but it is a great stop off if you are traveling from Los Angeles to Vegas or if you just see it driving by. You have to pay to enter. You see many cute towns, snacks, a Mystery Shack, and a little train to ride. Everything obviously, for purchase.

Our first stop is the mine. The mine had little mannequins inside showing what would be going on had the mine been operational presently. There were still mine car tracks. After, we go to a little store that has snacks and purchase popcorn. Probably, some of the best popcorn I’ve had, it had some kind of seasoning on it that made it so delicious! Off to the Mystery Shack now. The Mystery Shack is an optical illusion house. I am not sure if it was added on just for tourism or what. It made me very dizzy though, not going to lie! After that, we did the little train around the mountain. The train was cute, not much to it. We then stop in Lil’s Saloon, which I was excited to go in because it is said to be part of the original town with real swinging doors!

Lil’s Saloon.

If you are into history Calico has a museum of Lucy Lane, and a ton of history about mining and California. A great stop off for people of all ages!

Overall Nena’s Rating: 5/5

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