The Magic Castle & Magic Castle Hotel.

The Magic Castle & Magic Castle Hotel.

The Magic Castle is Hollywoods (and possibly the worlds most exclusive magic club). The Magic Castle is a fascinating building up on top of a hill in Hollywood, California. We arrive to the Magic Castle hotel where we aren’t too impressed with the actual building, but the staff is pleasant. Upon checking in we are greeted with champagne and snacks. The lobby is just a small room where you then exit to the pool area. We arrive to our room which overlooks the pool and the room is a very large room, not quite as elegant as we would have thought though, for the price. We are not regular members of the club, so we are required to enjoy dinner there.

We quickly change clothes and have a walk around the stars and see what the neighborhood is all about. We even found our own stars!

Back to our room and were off to the club. The hotel shockingly had a van, even though the club is just right up the hill. We arrive and it is amazing. The dress code is very strict at the club. We arrive to the front door to check in, and my fiancé talks about someone he knows who is apparently an icon at The Castle. He was the first magician to ever pull a bird out of a hat. The bird he originally began with was the parakeet. To me, this makes us look a little bit more official. I was feeling that we looked quite out of place for a second. We go inside and they give me a cute birthday pin (since it was the day before my birthday) and we arrive to a bookshelf, or a magical entry. Inside The Castle it is so much bigger than it looks! A ton of venues and magicians and bars everywhere. The Magic Castle is indescribable. Our first magician we see is Paul Green, which is in the Close up Gallery. He was amazing, it was shocking. We had seen many magicians before, even some top magicians! We have seen Cris Angel in the front row. We were just shocked at the sleight of hand he had. The next magician we saw quickly before dinner was Terry Lunceford. He was our favorite, we saw him at the Library Bar. It was us two, and another couple. WOW. Amazing, the most close up magic we have ever seen. I am a magic enthusiast. We then proceeded to dinner. I ate a steak. The food was okay, quite expensive though. Since we are not members of the club we were required to eat. We saw a couple other shows and then went to the main show at the big theater. That was the first time I actually saw a bird appear in a magic show. It was getting late and a lot of the shows are filling up. We had an amazing experience at The Castle. I could not take any photos because no photography is allowed inside The Castle.

Arrive back to the hotel for a comfortbale rest and a long journey the next day. A very simple Magic Castle Hotel breakfast but nonetheless tasty. Visiting The Magic Castle [hotel] as a non member is very expensive but, if you have the opportunity to go you should. This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

Overall Nena’s Rating: 5/5

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