Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson Township, New Jersey)

Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson Township, New Jersey)

Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey is the second Six Flags location that I have visited. It is by far the best out of the two!

To start our day off, I hadn’t been to a Six Flags park this year so I hadn’t received my card. We went to guest relations and received the best customer service that we had at any amusement park we’ve ever been to! We soon entered the park and was amazed at how clean it was! Granted the park had just opened but, still. We immediately proceeded to the reason we came (well the reason that I did) Kingda Ka — the tallest, and second fastest roller coaster in the world right now! Purchase a locker, then off to the line except that there was no line! Waited for one go, and then I was on the ride. I had to ride alone because my friend was too scared. Honestly was the best ride in the world. The only thing about this is the anticipation waiting to shoot out. The ride is over as soon as it starts. It is only about 30 seconds long. We ended up staying at Six Flags longer than intended, we did all of the rides we wanted to, with only 6 hours at the park.

This is definitely a park for thrill seekers. There are several huge roller coasters at the park.

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What the park is known for though, besides Kingda Ka, is the safari inside! We had a great time on the Safari ride. We would like to visit the African Safari sometime in the near future and this was a great taste of what it would be like. Very similar to the ride in Animal Kingdom in Orlando, though. A nice experience to see animals from around the world.

A little bit about the food at Six Flags in NJ was that there were so many more options than my local Six Flags in Atlanta. It was much cleaner, the staff was more helpful and the rides were more fun!

Overall Nena’s Rating: 5/5

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