Caribe Royale (Orlando, FL)

Caribe Royale (Orlando, FL)

Caribe Royale All Suites Hotel has so much to offer. My mom came to visit me in Orlando for a couple days and we needed somewhere to stay. I searched Expedia’s VIP hotels and found Caribe Royale. I checked in prior to picking her up from the airport and was impressed with the front entrance to the property. A welcoming concierge, bellman and front desk stand. Not to mention the hotel was located close to the parks, and even included transpiration to the parks!

This hotel is obviously all suites, as it says in the name. Upon entering our room, there is a nice size living room area with a small fridge, coffee pot and other basic amenities. The sink is next, across from a bathroom with a bathtub / shower combo, then you enter the bedroom. Which had two queen size beds that were comfortable. This room only had me and my mother, but the room could have easily fit another six people inside. (IF we assume both beds have two people, and the pull out sofa has two people as well.) This would make it extremely affordable to stay at an upscale resort for many people.

The bedroom in our suite.

There are a couple advantages of staying here, one being that it is nearby to Disney Springs. So much more Disney to do even after the parks close. Restaurants, bowling, movies and so much more. Not to mention free parking at Disney Springs! I mentioned earlier that the hotel has free transportation to the parks included in your daily resort fee, you just have to sign up with the concierge ahead of time to reserve your parties spot on the shuttle!

There are many more amenities to Caribe Royale, there is a huge gym facility (which they offer a yoga class), usually no one is in the gym though! The pool is also huge, including a water slide, waterfall and several hot tubs! Which is my favorite part, just be sure to get to the pool before the afternoon Florida showers start and the pool area is closed.

An added bonus is that if you book with your Expedia account you get 25% off one meal, and this is a VIP hotel! Meaning extra points for you! The food at the pool restaurant “The Falls Lounge” is inexpensive and pretty good. There are also several bars and a fine dining steakhouse on site as well. A very resort style property makes you not have to leave the property for anything.

If Orlando is in your future travel plans, Caribe Royale is definitely one to check out!

Overall Nena’s Rating: 5/5

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