Conestoga Ranch (Garden City, Utah)

Conestoga Ranch (Garden City, Utah)

If you guys haven’t noticed yet — we love to travel and to stay at unique hotels. We traveled around 5 states in less than four days! (Wanna learn how to do it? We sell & make itineraries unique to your vacation, just email us!) We wound up in Garden City, Utah. It is a small town near Bear Lake just at the North East tip top of the state. We are not campers and stayed at a beautiful luxury glamping resort. Bear Lake is like the Caribbean of Utah and Idaho. Turquoise blue waters surrounded by the mountains it was really something to see. After some time at the lake we arrive to The Conestoga Ranch. We check in and enter a pleasant woman, and a guy who drives us around the property to show us where everything is. A restaurant, several tents and several wagons as well. The wagons are parked in a circle with a campfire in the middle just like the pioneers did it! The wagon was about twice, maybe even three times as big as an actual Conestoga wagon.

To my surprise the wagon had electricity. Lights on the ceiling and a huge heater, because well, it did get a little chilly at night time and it was only late August, so I can only imagine the temperature in winter! The Wagon had one large King bed with a safe underneath and a bunk bed. Across from the bunk bed there was a dresser. We settle in and unpack before walking over to the Garden City downtown to grab a “world famous” Raspberry shake. Looking back at it we should have used the complimentary bikes included with the hotel.

Return back to the hotel, shower up and eat at the restaurant across the grass. Live music, and a lively scene the restaurant was quite busy. It was a Saturday though. We enjoyed a salad, a half chicken and an onion soup. The food was good.

After eating we return to our wagon, and grab our back of S’more supplies we received at the front desk upon checking in. It was about 9:30 and there were still a ton of people near the campfire. Since the fire was centered in the middle of all the wagons we shared it with others. I’m guessing the resort was sold out because every wagon and tent were full, that night. We roast our marshmallows and make our s’mores will chatting to the other people who are around the fire as well. They stayed out as long as we were, which was okay, but if you want to have the fireplace to your own group, be mindful that this is a shared use.

We turn in for the night and luckily the bathroom is near our wagon. It is very dark, though the wagon has a lantern inside, we had our own flashlight that was extremely bright. There are several bathrooms, that are clean (but as the night went on there was no toilet paper, and someone left their clothes and towel inside). The bed was comfortable and we were warm inside. Once the sun starts rising it gets extremely hot inside. We were packing up and continuing on that day, but it was only eight o’clock in the morning and I was already burning up! I guess that’s why the pioneers got going before sunrise!

This was such a unique experience. One of the only places to sleep in a wagon and so many activities for the whole family around! What are some of your favorite glamping destinations?

Overall Nena’s Rating: 5/5

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