Dollywood (Pigeon Forge,TN)

Dollywood (Pigeon Forge,TN)

Dollywood Sign in front of the “Wild Eagle” ride.

Whenever you think of Tennessee what things come to mind? Memphis? Elvis? Nash-Vegas? What about Dollywood. Dollywood is an amusement park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Dollywood is surprisingly a nice amusement park with several thrill attractions and no line!

We decided to visit Dollywood after deciding San Juan was a no go due to Hurricane Dorian going that way. It was Labor Day weekend and we thought it would be extremely busy. Pulling up to the parking lot, it was. Dollywood has the original theme park, and Dollywood’s Splash Country Water Park. It turns out most people were visiting the water park, so we were in luck!

Dollywood is priced about as much as any other amusement park, except the food is much cheaper! We enter the park and immediately get a coffee and snack since we had been driving all day already. Then onto the adventurous part. Dollywood wasn’t open for a long time and by the time we had arrived, got our tickets, got in the park it was 11am. The park was closing at 7pm so we had a lot to do!

Dollywood has several themed sections inside the park. We first visit Dolly’s retired tour bus. I was bored with it, to be honest. I am a thrill seeker but my boyfriend wanted to do it. It took 10 minutes, but it was worth a look around if you’re into that kind of stuff. Our first ride is a wooden roller coaster called Thunderhead. This was in the Timber Canyon section of the park. The rides at Dollywood were surprisingly nice. We continue on to Mystery Mine. This ride had the longest wait out of all, we waited for about an hour and a half for this. This is when we started reconsidering not getting the time saver pass. The ride is supposedly located in an abandoned mine. A ton of pictures everywhere and a great theme. This ride has an extremely steep drop, it was fun, but the park has better rides to offer for less wait time.

It’s past lunchtime now, so we stop off at a place and grab some grub. Southern options everywhere! The food was tasty and we kept on about our day. Next up, Smokey Mountain River Rampage. This is your average water ride. The line wasn’t too long, but neither was the ride. If you are at the park on a hot summer day and think this ride will cool you off, you’re wrong! We barely got wet. The ride was cute though. Our day at the park is about half over now so we decide to do what looks like a good option next. Get Dippin’ Dots, of course!

This Dippin’ Dots Airstream was super cute, this whole section of the park was cute. Jukebox Junction is a 1950’s theme. This was personally my favorite part of the park. We take our ice cream to our next line, and were struggling to find the entrance. The roller coasters entrance looked like an old time mechanic/service/ gas station. The queue for this ride looks deceiving. There are two sets of stairs with stanchions around! Once you get to the top you’ll see this one was worth the wait. I’m kind of an under cover amusement park critic (if you guys haven’t noticed yet!?). Lightening Rod is said to be the worlds first launch wooden roller coaster. These are my favorite kind! (If you haven’t heard about Kingda Ka, which is the worlds fastest and tallest coaster, check it out here!) The ride begins by going away from the station and popping out over the first drop. What makes this ride so unique is that you don’t know what’s going to happen next. The rides cars look like old cars. The queue also had a unique design to match the ride as well. The staff at the attractions also have uniforms to match the themes of their respective rides, very much like Disney.

Time is running low so we decide to do one last ride, a ride we walked by and didn’t even notice! The Wild Eagle! Dollywood has many “first of it’s kind” rides and this was another one! It’s surprising how much you sleep on things you don’t know about. Wild Eagle is a winged coaster. Said to be one of the first of it’s kind it is a very smooth ride, and worth the wait. We didn’t wait long.

Dollywood is a unique theme park. It’s the perfect size, not too big, not too small! You won’t get worn out walking around the park (well, we didn’t)! Dollywood won’t disappoint you! Definitely worth the money. A great drive from many of the surrounding states. Go check it out!

Overall Nena’s Rating: 5/5

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