Peery Hotel (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Peery Hotel (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Peery Hotel from the outside.

I love boutique hotels, and things that are out of the norm. After a five state road trip, we wanted to continue to explore the Rocky Mountain region and ended up in SLC. The oldest hotel in the city was just the place to begin! The Peery Hotel was in the middle of downtown Salt Lake and was accessible to most things. Even though we were there on a Sunday and EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING down to the McDonalds was closed.

There is not a parking lot for this hotel, so you do have to pay to park (again unless you’re there on a Sunday then it’s free, but everything is closed!) Named after the original owners, The Peery hotel has an extremely high end feeling, for not such a high end price tag.

The lobby.

Once you finally find a parking space, you enter a grand lobby. A huge staircase in the middle and the front desk attendant, all the way to back on your left. Check in, go around the staircase to the other side where you will locate the guest elevators. Up to your room and it is beautiful.

A large room situated in Downtown SLC was just what we needed for our first exploration of the city. We had a long journey there, and while the hotel room was huge, and so was the bathroom we still needed to see what SLC had to offer for what was open. SLC was a very walking- friendly city. The hotel was easy to find restaurants, bars, and of course the LDS Temple.

According to many websites, The Peery remains one of Salt Lake’s most luxurious, renowned hotels. It’s definitely worth a stop by, or stay if your in the city!

What are some of your favorite hotels in SLC?

Overall Nena’s Rating: 5/5

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