Receipt Pal

Receipt Pal

So by now you’re already using Coin Out, Ibotta, and several other cash back apps. Why not throw another one in there, snap a picture of your receipt on this one, get some points and turn them into Amazon, Wal-Mart and your other favorites!

Many of you are skeptical of these apps, and think they are a sham. As I’ve said many times, you won’t become millionaire overnight by using these simple apps. The benefit of these apps is that it takes all of two seconds to snap a pic of a receipt in exchange for a gift card. Why not make MORE money when you spend? Free money just for seeing what you purchase everyday? Want to learn more? Alright.

All you have to do is click here, make an account. Start snapping pictures of your receipts. They are several squares (or as they call on. the app “cards”) with 4 checkmarks on it. Fill each square up by taking pictures of 4 receipts. You might get lucky and stumble across a bonus! This will give you extra points. Once all of your green cards are processing you will get to a pink card. This gets you double entries in a Receipt Pal sweepstakes! You will already be entered into the drawing with your original entries, these will just be double! Not to mention, the bonus things are really cute!

You don’t just have to use paper receipts for this app, just connect your email account and the app will grab receipts from purchases you’ve made online. With Receipt Pal the purchases must have been made within the last month!

A couple things to know about the app : Make sure the receipt hasn’t been uploaded before. A duplicate will result in a rejected receipt! Also, make sure the image is clear and has the store name, date, and merchandise on it!

I always save my points for something I really want! Right now I’ve been on the app for about 4 months (not consistently, though) and have about 5,000 points! That’s enough to redeem a $10 gift card. I’m saving my points to earn even more! This is just one of my favorite apps. To be honest, I enjoy anything that gets me a couple cents back, no matter what!

How is your experience with the app going?

*All opinons are my own*

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