Hibernation Station (West Yellowstone, MT)

Hibernation Station (West Yellowstone, MT)

We are all about packing as much into a vacation as we can. Yellowstone was no exception. We spent the whole day traveling around Yellowstone from Bozeman, to everywhere, to West Yellowstone. West Yellowstone is a small city on the southern part of Montana. The entrance to West Yellowstone is right near Hibernation Station. Another fantastic thing about Hibernation Station is that it is convenient to the downtown area. A very touristy area with many restaurants, bars and a casino. The town kind of has a Wild West feel to it.

We arrived late so we couldn’t really enjoy the way it looked. We checked in at the lodge, and there we ended up with an adorable cabin in the front. The property was surprisingly big. There are several styles of cabins at the resort. We stayed in the “Duck series cabin”. After checking in we relax in the hot tub under a sky full of stars. We were quick to drop our stuff off in the cabin and continue the day. The hot tub was near the wifi and computer cabin. I don’t think there was anything quite like that starry night, and the temperature was just lovely too. Temp. was probably in the 60’s while we were there in late August. The temperature never gets too warm, so if you plan to visit be sure to dress warm!

We walked around the downtown area for a bit and stopped into a bar for something to eat. It was a Saturday night so it was quite busy, food was good and clearly everyone inside were locals. It was a nice time.

I didn’t get to snap too many pictures, because we arrived late and left early but each room (according to the website) is handcrafted and has unique Western themed design. The great thing about the cabins is that they can be romantic, for families, or great for bringing your friends too! It’s also a short drive away from the West Yellowstone entrance. This is the closest entrance to Old Faithful. The beds were extremely comfortable and the cabin was nice and cozy. A great pit stop if you’re stopping overnight from exploring Yellowstone or make it a vacation. If you’re ever in the area or driving by I would recommend this for sure! Where are your favorite cabins?

*All opinons are my own*

Overall Nena’s Rating: 5/5

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