Margaritaville (St. Thomas, USVI)

Margaritaville (St. Thomas, USVI)

“It’s always on 5 at Margaritaville.” “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.” I think we’ve all heard of Jimmy Buffett and his world famous restaurants and hotels. We decided to see what all the chatter was about whenever we visited the first Caribbean Margaritaville location, and the USVI island of St. Thomas.

The journey to the hotel from the airport is only about 30 minutes as Margaritaville is on the other side of the island. Whenever we arrived the landscaping was beautiful. All of The Caribbean Islands have a beautiful layout. We check in and the front desk, and lobby area was stunning. The clerk was helpful as to telling us what was going on around the area. We also received a free margarita checking in!

We take a quick look around the property before heading off to our room! It is a rather large property with a Margaritaville restaurant on site, a 5 o’clock somewhere bar, a stage area, several stores and a spa down the way and many buildings.

Our room was big, with a lot of unique island themed decorations — which were all about Margaritaville of course! Included in our room was a margarita blender by Margaritaville. The property has 1-3 bedroom units. Ours had a full kitchen area. We didn’t stay in our room for too long, so there wasn’t really any cooking going on!

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We had been traveling all day and couldn’t wait to go eat at the restaurant! I’ve been to several locations of the restaurant but never at any of the hotels. I ordered a “Cheeseburger in Paradise” which is another one of Jimmy Buffett’s restaurants. The food was good and the margarita was even better. I rarely drink, but I figured since it is New Years Eve and I’m in the islands, why not?

We return to our room after dinner and another quick walk around the property before the sun starts setting on 2019. We don’t intend to but fall asleep until about 8:30 before we head out to a beach nightclub to ring in the new year. Margaritaville didn’t really have too much going on for the new year, which came as a surprise to us since that’s why we chose this hotel.

We are out until 4 am, and wake up to the housekeeping knocking on our door at 10. The checkout time was rather early, but we dropped off our stuff at the bellman and continued to the cafe on site. The cafe had some of the best canned coconut water I have ever had. I’m not sure the name, but I know we don’t have it on the mainland USA.

We walk over to the hilltop pool which had some amazing views of St. John across the water. The only thing about the islands is that it rains quite often, so it was a little cloudy. We stay at the hilltop pool only to return to the main pool because it seemed to be a bit more lively. The only con about our stay is that, the hot tub was closed. This is one of our favorite amenities for hotel properties we pick. We enjoy a good relaxing time in a spa.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed our time at the hotel. It was a very nice experience, the staff were very friendly. If you’re in the USVI, I would go check it out, at least for a night! What are your favorite spots in The Virgin Islands?

*All opinons are my own*

Overall Nena’s Rating: 4.2/5

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