How to travel safe during a pandemic

How to travel safe during a pandemic

Everyone wants to know how to protect themselves and others during the coronavirus pandemic. The amount of people traveling via airplane has dropped significantly but is continuing to increase again as things reopen.

If you plan to travel here are some tips on how to stay safe.

Before you leave the house:

  • Check your tempature before you leave your home. If you have a fever, or have experienced any of the symptoms in the past 14 days DO NOT TRAVEL.
  • If you’re tempature is at a normal level before heading off to the airport do not forget to bring your hand sanitizer, gloves, wipes, or anything else that you feel is necessary to clean your area on the plane.
  • Do not foget your mask many airports and airlines require face coverings!
  • Use the restroom before you leave your house. Try to avoide using public bathrooms except for washing your hands. Several people touch things in public bathrooms.
  • Have your boarding pass on your phone so you do not have to check in at the airport. This is to avoid touching screens at the airport.

After Arriving at the airport:

  • Please maintain proper social distancing anywhere in the airport and rememeber to keep your mask on the entire time (unless you’re eating or doing something else that requires not wearing) The security lines are not as jam – packed as they once were so keep a distance from you and anyone not in your party.
  • Many airlines are not doing in-flight services so that the flight attendants have as little contact with the passengers as they can so don’t forget to purchase snacks and drinks before getting on the plane! If you have a reusable water bottle, don’t forget to bring that, too!

In the Boarding Area:

  • Social distancing might get tricky around here but please try to keep your distance from other groups. You do not have to sit right infront of your gate. You can sit at the next gate if there are seats available. Make sure you can hear the announcements and everything should be okay.

Once on the plane:

  • Make sure that you have your mask on still.
  • Many airlines are starting to board from the rear of the plane after certain passangers get on (for example people needing extra assistance, military, elite members, etc.) Be sure to pay attention. This is important so if you are sitting in the last row you won’t have to walk by people. This should reduce the amount of exposure.
  • Once you’re onboard and have located your seat. Wipe down everything, seatbelt, traytable, the seatback pocket, wall, and do not forget the air vent! The air on the plane is extremely clean but you don’t know who was sitting there before you so just incase. Anything else that you touch wipe that down too (inflight magazines, menu, etc). Air filteration systems are top quality so don’t be too worried about germs circulating through the air on the plane.
  • Try not to get up and go to the restroom if you can. Again, this will reduce the risk of exposure.

After landing:

  • Once you land it is important to remain seated until it is your turn to exit the aircraft. Standing/ congregating in the aisle waiting to exit will be a crowd and can increase the risk of possible exposure.

Hopefully you’ve had an enjoyable and relaxing flight. Once you arrive to your destination do not forget to wash your hands for 20 seconds with warm soap and water. Enjoy your travels and stay safe!

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