Opal Sands Resort (Clearwater, FL)

Opal Sands Resort (Clearwater, FL)

Clearwater Beach has been one of the top rated beach destinations in Florida for many years. One of the top properties to visit and stay at while there is Opal Sands Resort. According to their website the hotel is the #14 resort hotel in Florida.

We visited the property recently during the COVID-19 pandemic and the property did a very good job of enforcing social distancing and masks. The property also took precautions for the valet. They covered up the steering wheel with a plastic wrap so they never actually touched it.

We check in and the hotel agent is lovely. We upgrade to a superior one bedroom suite.

The suite boasts a surprisingly large balcony with unobstructed views of the gulf. Our room, 1119, had views of Clearwater Habour. The room had a full kitchen area. The kitchen area had everything included. The dining area had a large table that accomodated up to six guests. The living room area contained a large tv and sofa. The sofa was a double bed, if needed. The living room also included a entrance to the furnished balcony through a sliding glass door. The bedroom had a king bed with a comfortable, plush comforter. Lastly, the bathroom did not disappoint, either. The large bathroom possesed Nest Fragrances products.

After a quick stop at our room, we decide to eat at the hotels restaurant, Sea-Guini. The restaurant was not packed but we did have to wait for our table to be cleaned. The restaurant had an extensive menu. Our waiter was attentive and the food was alright. One thing that there was to brag about at the restaurant was the drinks. We enjoyed a key lime margarita and it was amazing. We had to order several. After eating, we go for a walk around the property then decide to call it a night.

In the morning, we return back to the restauarnt to have breakfast before spending the day at the beach. The beach is only a short walk away from the hotel. The bar near the beach the Sandbar, is where we decided to have lunch. The service was just okay, but the food was delicious and the views unforgetable. The beach is a public beach so there was no food service at the beach which is why we had to return back to the hotel to eat. Another con of this was that we had to rent chairs at the beach which were $40 for the day. We indulge in a full day at Clearwater Beach before returning back to the room to prepare for dinner at Opal Sands sister property on the other end of Clearwater Beach, Sandpearl Resort. The restaurant is upscale and includes views of the gulf especially beautiful around sunset.

As our weekend at the beach comes to a close we decide to enjoy our Sunday at a cabana at the pool. The pool cabana is $250 during a weekend. The price is worth it. The cabana is rather far from the pool. Between the cabana and pool is a small interactive area, where kids and families were playing. This is great if you have children but if you’re at the hotel for a romantic couples getaway it could get a little frustrating. The cabana included a cheese plate, bottled water and tea, a TV, fan, chairs, and a waitress would check on us every so often. The pool is small for a resort of this side but nonetheless fabulous.

Our weekend at Opal Sands was a pleasent experience. The hotel is unquestionably one of the best at Clearwater. Opal Sands Resort is in the heart of Clearwater Beach and is one of the most luxurious as well.

Overall Nena’s Rating: 4/5

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