Wall Crawl (Orlando, Fl)

Wall Crawl (Orlando, Fl)

Pop up photo spots have really been an up and coming thing over the last several years. My best friend Tamare recently visited Orlando and we had to come check out Orlando’s photo studio! The Orlando Wall Crawl is conveniently located downtown on 1016 Church Street. Walk up the colorful stairs to a room with umbrellas and the sign on the wall. You will then walk up the stairs to check in.

You are not allowed into the building until 5 minutes prior to your scheduled slot. Staff is likely cleaning everything up from the previous session.

Admission to Wall Crawl is 25.00 per person for a one hour time slot. Be sure to book your tickets online! Space is limited due to COVID-19 and this is definitely something you will want to see while in Orlando! Even if you are a local this is a cool activity!

Wall Crawl is taking precautions to keep guests and staff safe during COVID-19. You must wear your mask when around the desk area. Also, any prop that has been touched is placed on the floor so staff can sanitize before another guest touches it. You can also use your own props if you do not feel comfortable touching the props provided. Wall Crawl is also limiting the number of guests and maintaining proper social distancing measures. Click here to check out Wall Crawls website and to see what they are doing to keep people safe. There were only 4 other people in the Wall Crawl whenever Tamare and I visited. This made for a great experience for us! The Wall Crawl is over 4,000 square feet, so it almost felt like a private session! We got extremely lucky. I had only been to one other venue similar to this (pre-COVID) and we had to wait in line for certain popular backdrops!

The Wall Crawl is great for friends, dates, family, and even if you wanted to bring your kids here! Don’t forget to bring a couple outfits since there are 20 + different backgrounds! Wall Crawl has a changing room for your convenience. This is something we wish we would’ve known prior to our visit!

The great thing about the Wall Crawl is that you can take as many — or as little photos as you want within the hour! Wall Crawl also allows you to purchase professional photos for an additional fee. One great thing that we loved was that they had tripods available to use (free of charge). Since it was just Tamare and I we needed someone to take photos of us. The tripod came in handy, just for that!

The backdrops vary from rubber duckies, to rainbow, to an ice cream parlor, there is sure to be something that fits your taste! Wall Crawls backgrounds vary so if you visit in different seasons you might see different backgrounds! We visited in September and Wall Crawl featured an autumn backdrop.

Orlando Wall Crawl is also available to rent for private events according to the website.

The photos taken at Wall Crawl can be used for so much more than Instagram! These photos could be printed and posted around your home or used for special events! This is an amazing creative space for photographers and models. You can bring your own photographer if you like! (I’m not sure if there is an additional fee for this.)

Does your city have anything similar? If so, what’s the theme? How was your experience? Comment and let us know!

Overall Nena’s Rating: 5/5

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