• FREE Priority Pass
  • $200 Airline Credit
  • Uber Credit
  • Points
  • Gobal Entry / TSA Precheck
  • Elite Hotel Status
  • No international fees
  • Boingo Wifi
  • Preferred Status Car Rental Agencies
  • Add Authorized users
  • American Express Concierge
  • & much more!

$550 is a pretty steep annual fee especially for a CHARGE card! What is the difference between a charge card and a credit card though? Let’s clear that up right now. Charge cards have no preset spending limit, so I could potentially go charge 50,000 on my card right now and it be totally okay. I would never do that, but that’s just an example. With this card, you are required to pay the balance of each month. So, there is no debt and if there is, you will pay heavy interest. That’s usually why people with low credit scores can not obtain this card, unless you have a history of paying on time. Check out some of my other articles so you can build up your credit, and then try to get the platty!

Now, that’s all over with let’s talk about the good things about this card! Which the list is endless, honestly. This card can help you boost your credit, should you need it. The card comes with a heap of benefits. This list is in no order. FREE Priority Pass! If you don’t know what Priority Pass is, it is basically a lounge membership. Not all lounges are included, but there are still a ton. Plus, if you’re show- offy like I am you get to visit the Centurion Lounge. The class level of Priority Pass that comes with your Platinum Card is called Select, so you can get denied access if the lounge is too full. This has never happened to me yet, though!

Second, you get a $200 a year airline credit. This is not limited to any airline. If you have any baggage, or if you want to upgrade or what have you, you can use this credit. Sounds good right? $200 is already almost half of your annual fee! Wait! There is more!

$200 in Uber credits. Every month you get $10 in Uber credits and in December you get $15. Not a lot, but it is something.

Moving on, POINTS! This is the reason I love this card! You can pay parts of your statement with your points, even your annual fee (from my understanding, don’t quote me on that!) 5X the points on traveling as well. That’s why this card is good for a business person, or frequent traveler. Now you have pretty much paid off your annual fee there, but that does not stop the benefits.

Up next, American Express will waive the Global Entry $100 fee, or the $85 Pre check fee. So, now you can skip taking off your shoes at the airport. You are a “known traveler” if you pass the interview and the requirements! These are also valid for 5 years!

Keeps getting better, but you’ll need a hotel if you’re traveling, most likely right? Say hello to elite status with Starwood Hotels and Hilton Hotels! Upgrades, Free breakfast and late checkouts, oh my! So instead of sleeping in that room with two beds, you could get upgraded to a suite, just for being a loyal American Express card holder.

What about when you’re out shopping on vacation abroad? You’re all checked in and there now, but you want to shop. NO international fees! You can also get elite status on many car rental agencies such as Hertz, National and others, because eh, you got to get places too, right? Also, another huge perk is Boingo wifi across the map! You can connect to anywhere Boingo Wifi is available! Moving on, you can add authorized users as well, because why not share the benefits with a loved one? This is included with all American Express cards, but Amex Concierge is like your hotel concierge service, except there for you all the time. Any time I have ever had trouble Amex has always had my back. Amex even sends you little gifts throughout the year, to show you that you are appreciated by the company (or because you spend a lot of money with them LOL). The rewards clearly exceed $550! So, why not go for it? Click here & Make sure to use my code, to get an extra 75,000 points, while you’re at it!

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