Gatorland (Orlando, FL)

Gatorland (Orlando, FL)

Orlando has a ton of family friendly activities. Gatorland is a huge theme park and wildlife preserve. Gatorland is worth the experience. Even if you live in Florida, or around aligators, this is still an amazing experience! Worth the visit.

I visited Gatorland during the COVID-19 pandemic and Gatorland is doing what they can to keep staff and guests safe. We were required to wear a mask, the staff also wore masks, physical distancing measures were in place, and much others! It really felt that Gatorland cares about our safety.

Gatorland offers free parking so you don’t have to worry about expensive parking fees.

Several things to point out about Gatorland is that it is extremely reasonably priced! Gatorland’s pricing begins at $29.99 for adults and $19.99 for children. Gatorland also offers senior citizens rates and special rates if you purhcase online. You could purchase an annual pass if you plan on visting more than once. The pass pays itself off after only two visits! Gatorland also offers a couple different packages. Since Gatorland has many optional things to do once in the park, The Grunt Package is a good option if you would like to participate in any of those. The Grunt Package includes admission, unlimited train rides, aligator food, and a meet & greet with a gator!

Upon entering the park you will encounter aligators galore. It’s actually a very unique experience. Gatorland is very big so bring comfortable shoes and a cool outfit. It’s usually hot and humid in Florida on a Summer day!

Gatorland is different because you can go around at your own pace and watch any shows, or do any activity that you want on your own schedule! Gatorland also had plenty of food options and sold Pepsi products (which are my fav!) Gatorland also sold beer, if you drink!

There is a huge pond with gators located near the enterance where the Jumparoo show is held. Definitely a cute show if you get the chance to watch it! This is also where we fed the gators. The aligator food was around $6.00 I believe.

Gatorland also has a childrens area, Gator Gully Splash Park. Whenever we went there was no one there at all! Which would have made for a very fun experience for the kids. They do have dryers available for you to use should you decide to play here, since you will get wet! You might want to on a summer day in central Florida!

We just made our way around the park, but you can go any way that your heart desires. We decided to continue along the path until we saw the giant tortoise! The sign stated that he was over 100 years old!

Continuing along the path we did encounter baby gators. There were several in an enclosed space! Gatorland also had panthers.

On the way back around we saw the Gatorland Express Train, which we did not do. I would suggest trying it out if you have small children! The Stompin’ Gator Off Road was also nearby, which was another activity we did not do on this trip to the park.

After looping back around we encounter Parrot Playground has several different beautiful parrots.

We walked down, what I feel was the “main street” of Gatorland. There were several things to see here. Gatorland had snakes, an aviary, and several shops. The park also had other places to eat on this main area such as a coffee shop, fudge shop and on the end a restaurant Pearls Good Eats.

Take your time enjoying all the different animals that live at the park. Once we walked passed Pearls Good Eats we encountered white aligators. I thought this was unique since I didn’t even know they were a thing. Next to the white aligators was a swamp walk. This is an active swamp area. You might encounter several types of animals on the swamp walk.

We did end our day at Gatorland watching the “Jumparoo Show”. Which was very cute. You do have to exit through a huge gift shop if you want to purchase anything at the end of the day!

If your from the Central Florida area or just visiting this is a must see attraction! The prices are reasonable and there are a ton of activities to do outside of the ones I’ve mentioned as well!

How was your Gatorland experience?

Overall Nena’s Rating: 5/5

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