The Enchanted Highway (Regent, ND)

The Enchanted Highway (Regent, ND)

It’s hard to make road trips appealing, The Enchanted Highway in Regent, North Dakota is a way to make your journey through America’s heartland a little bit more interesting! This is a great fascinating detour if you are driving from Bismarck, ND to Keystone, SD. The Enchanted Highway is a collection of the worlds largest scrap metal sculptures. It’s also worth mentioning that the scenic drive is also scenic with farmland on either side.The highway stretches for over 32 miles ending in Regent. Gary Greff, is the sculptor of these incredible pieces. The Enchanted Highway started back in 1989 and now consists of 7 sculptures and growing!

The Enchanted Highway is starts on Exit 72 on Interstate 94 in Gladstone, ND. The first sculpture that we saw was Geese in Flight. Geese in Flight won the largest scrap metal sculpture from Guinness World Records in 2002 standing at 110 feet tall & 154 feet wide. This is the largest of the sculptures and you can see this one from I-94. Once you see this one from the highway, you will want to continue along the two lane road to see the rest.

One good thing about all of the sculptures is that there is a picnic area with each. The Enchanted Highway also had an audio tour! All you have to do is dial in the number at each attraction. There unfortunately are no restrooms. A unique feature about this attraction is that you can get up close to the sculptures. We stopped at every sculpture and there were no other people around.

After driving for a several miles we stop off at the next sculpture Deer Crossing. Deer Crossing is a giant sculpture of two deer jumping over a fence. Deer crossing was completed in 2002. The doe is 50 feet tall and the buck stands at around 70 feet tall.

The third sculpture that we encounter is Grasshoppers in The Field. This structure was completed in 1999. This one featured a small maze, too.

The fourth sculpture along The Enchanted Highway is Fisherman’s Dream. Unfortunately for us whenever we were passing through this one was under construction.

Fifth, Pheasants on The Prairie. This sculpture is a bird family. The two large birds stand at over 50 feet tall.

The sixth structure is Teddy Rides Again. This sculpture is made out of metal pipes. Teddy and his horse are in the back and in the front is a stagecoach.

Lastly, my favorite is The Tin Family. The Tin Family started in 1991. This was my favorite of all of the sculptures. This is what started it all. The father stands at 45 feet, the wife 44 feet and the son is roughly 23 feet tall.

At the end of the highway in Downtown Regent is the gift shop. This quaint small town also has the Enchanted Castle Hotel. There are several advertisements for the hotel along the highway. The hotel has several different types of rooms, unfortunately this time we did not get to stay but next time we will! The hotel is a former school.

The Enchanted Highway gift shop was worth the visit. The clerk said that Gary Greff would stop by and speak with visitors. The gift shop has souvenirs and ice cream and snacks. Outside of the gift shop is a whirly-gigs. This is moving sculpture outside of the gift shop that turns at the push of a button!

While Regent, ND isn’t a town you would hear about often it is definitely worth a visit. Visiting The Enchanted Highway in mid-late afternoon is the best time to go! We had clear skies and a scenic drive. You might also encounter pheasants, deer and other prairie animals.

What are some other cool roadside attractions you’ve visited? Let us know!

Overall Nena’s Rating: 5/5

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